Workshops and Retreats

En Plein Air

On Saturday 14th July, 2012, fourteen Women Artists attended the ‘En Plein Air’ art session in spite of the inclement weather. The ‘En Plein Air’ Art Session was held at The University of the West Indies, St. Augustine Campus.

Painting Workshops

A series of workshops, beginning in 1997, were introduced with the view to encourage artists to meet, exchange ideas, develop techniques and to exhibit their work. These were held at the annex of the National Museum and Art Gallery for men and women of all walks of life. Participation certificates were issued at the end of each course.

Facilitators for the first and second courses were artists Mr. Shastri Maharaj and Mrs. Sarah Beckett respectfully. New members were recruited from this project.

Gallerie , Hotel Normandie, St. Anns

Figure drawing classes with a live model started on the 3rd of May, 2003 and continued until the 19th of July, 2003. Fifteen fellow artists participated, each of whom received certificates of participation at the end of the course. The facilitator was Greer Jones Woodham, artist and UWI lecturer.

In 2006 Irene Shaw was invited to hold classes in figure drawing, at which sixteen members participated. This was held at the Military Museum and the Framed Art Gallery. Certificates were awarded at the end of the course. Members were encouraged to submit the finished pieces for the year’s annual exhibition.

In 2007 it continued with Sheila Edwards, a qualified member of the Women in Art Organisation, held at Framed art gallery, Starlite Shopping Plaza, Diego Martin.

Annual Retreats

“There is a need for artists to withdraw from the normal humdrum of life in order to energise, rejuvenate and amass creative and spiritual energies, thus resulting in deeper and more meaningful creations,” quote – Fraulein Rudder


  • To encourage artists to meet, discuss and exchange ideas
  • To rekindle the enthusiasm for painting
  • To encourage the appreciation of nature
  • Painting sessions “en plein air”
  • Camaradarie

The first was held from the 25th to 27th May, 2001. Twenty-five members participated at the Asa Wright Nature Centre. It took the form of paintings “en plein air” followed by critiques and discussions. A tight schedule was adhered to. The facilitators were Mr. Ken Critchlow, artist and UWI lecturer, and Mr. Shastri Maharaj, artist. Members were also taken on tours. A number of paintings were exhibited from this project at our annual exhibit.

The second was held from the 10th to 13th October, 2002 in Tobago with facilitator, Greer Jones Woodham, artist/UWI lecturer. Visits were made to Luise Kimme’s Museum, Speyside, Pidgeon Point, Mt. Irvine Bay and Fort King George.

The third retreat was held from 19th-22nd of June, 2003 at the Mt. Plaisir Estate, Grand Riviere. Members were anxiously looking forward to the attraction of the leather back turtles. A tight schedule was adhered to. Mr. Eddie Bowen, artist and UWI lecturer was the facilitator for this event. This programme took consisted of an exhibition of the artists’ work which was on display during the retreat. Works done “en plein air” displayed. Critiques and discussions were held. There were fifteen present. Members were encouraged to submit the finished product for the year’s annual exhibition.

In the year 2005 the retreat took place at Petrea Place, Wild Fowl Trust, Point-a-Pierre. From Thursday 3rd March to Sunday 6th march. There were ten members. The atmosphere was quite conducive to painting “en plein air”.

The year 2006 saw us in Tobago again at the Mt. Marie Hotel. Painting was done “en plein air”. We visited places of interest where we painted most of the time while others just relax.

2008 we were at the Salybia Resort and Spa, Toco. This was wonderful. A real artist paradise. One of our members painted a night scene of a wedding reception.

Works done at these retreats are usually exhibited at our annual show.

Places of Aesthetic Appeal and Interest

The Women in Art Organisation regularly visits places of aesthetic appeal and importance. Some of these are;

  • Wild Fowl Trust, Pointe-a-Pierre
  • Salybia Resort and Spa, Toco
  • Crew’s Inn, Chaguaramas


Mr. Francis Lewis, Marketing Consultant, had an audience of thirty-five members who listened quite attentively and put forward questions during the lecture. Most artists have a problem in the art of marketing. This very inspiring project was held during the Fifth Annual Exhibition in 2002.

Drawing Lecture

A lecture on drawing by Pat Bishop, artist and musicologist, was held during her exhibition at Gallery , Hotel Normandie, 2003. After that lecture it was suggested that figure drawing classes be introduced.