WIA General Meeting 2012

In its Sixteenth year, this organization held its election of officers, who were unanimously voted into their positions on the Management Committee

The outgoing President of sixteen years, Fraulein Rudder thanked all those who were present especially the members of the last Committee. Their commitment and support were highly appreciated They were advised to remember their mission statement

“Paint, the sky is the limit.
In unity there is strength”

The new Committee was installed and congratulated by all.

Management Committee 2012 – 2013

Executive Committee

President – Ms. Nerine Peters

Vice-President – Mrs. Marise Rodriguez

Hon. Ex-Officio Member,   Fraulein Rudder, Founder / First Ex-President/ First Ex-Pro/ Artist. frudder@tstt.net.tt    frauleinrudder.tripod.com

Assistant Treasurer Ms. Marissa Richards
Secretary Ms. Gizelle Winter
Assistant Secretary Mrs. Kessa Alexander Seales

Committee Members (EXECUTION OF EVENTS)
Mrs. Ann Marlene Stapleton
Mrs. Tara Bobart
Ms. Ayanna Best
Mrs. Pamela Frecton
Mrs. Lystra Alcindor Loney
Mrs. Linda Kowlessar


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