Kavita Ramlakhan

Water Baby, watercolour on paper. 7″ x 11″
Kavita’s artistic inspiration comes from the beauty of Trinidad and Tobago, the beaches and rivers, mountains and trees. She also has a keen interest in Indian art and craft techniques. She likes painting with acrylics, but also uses oil pastels, pens and watercolours. In addition to traditional media, she also creates through digital painting and photo-manipulation.

Fragments from Girly

Fragments from Girly – Watercolour
Her paintings are brightly colored and textured, inspired by the early post-impressionism of Vincent Van Gogh and Paul Gauguin and by modern artist Jackson Pollock. Laura Nicole’s introduction to art and her recognition is also owed to local artist, Embah, and others such as Gregory Williams,Paul Kain and Glen Roopchand.


Encore. Watercolour on paper, 15″ x 10″
As an artist, Zen is inspired by finding the divine within the mundane every day; while she might find inspiration from roses, orchids and recognized flowers, she finds greater inspiration from wildflowers and humble weeds whose blooms have been expertly created by celestial hands, and which strive almost unnoticed in difficult terrain.

Nature’s Reflection

Nature’s Reflections, water-based medium on canvas. 21″ x 28.75″
My school years were short lived, though I was always pulled in the direction of art. I am self taught but I know that it is God who has given me this talent.

Blooms in Crystal

Blooms in Crystal. Medium: water-colour
Cynthia Ellis was born in Trinidad and loves flowers and foliage and enjoys painting from live specimens. She is a self-taught artist specializing in watercolours and has the ability to capture the fragile, delicate and finest details of her subjects.


Toco I, 1999. Watercolour, 22″ x 17″
Nerine has participated in group exhibitions from 1998 namely, the Women in Art Exhibitions, 101 Annual Watercolours Exhibitions, The Trinity Carnival Foundation Exhibition and a Joint exhibition at The Gallery Her paintings were featured in the Woman in Art Book and Guardian General Limited desk calendar 2004. Her preference in subject matter lies with landscapes and the beauty of derelict houses/buildings which are executed in the watercolours medium.