We Ting 2007

We Ting, 2007. Acrylic on denim. 3 ft x 5 ft.
Jacelle’s art style reflects topics of personal interest, mainly focused on women in situations of burden and work. As a mother, Jacelle wants to portray the strength of women not as women who are successful in business, but women who have the ability to multi-task the roles of life while keeping the network of the family together and strengthening cultural traditions and values.

Beyond the Human Eye

Beyond the Human Eye, acrylic. 12″ x 9″
Krimhilde’s keen spiritual eye (3rd eye) allows her to explore these strange worlds in which she feels at home. For her, these worlds are the real worlds. Her current work is done in light fast acrylic ink on paper.

Sea of Uncertainty

Sea of Uncertainty. Acrylic and ink. 20 in x 15 in.
My medium is my trusty pen and colour pencil, which I use to create designs based on poems that I’ve written over the last few years. I also use nature in the form of leaves and flowers to create my backgrounds to conjure up emotions and create the continuity of line that I’m so fascinated by.

The Tree of Life

The Tree of Life, acrylic on canvas. 22″ x 18″
After retirement, Virginia plunged fully into Art. In December 2005, she completed a study in the Fundamentals of Fine Art at The Art Academy in Tacarigua. This included drawing, proportioning, shading, colour theory, painting, perspective, pen and ink drawing and creativity. However, when Picasso’s cubism was introduced to her, she was drawn to it immediately. Cubism continues to dominate her style.

Coconuts 1

Coconuts 1 – Created 2007, 17″ X 20″, Medium: Acrylic on canvas
Tonya continues to produce pieces of artwork in a variety of media although acrylics dominate most of her canvasses. Her works are demonstrative of her love for Caribbean culture, seascapes and landscapes.

If Music is the Vessel of Life

If Music is the Vessel of Life… Play On; Acrylic on Canvas, 2011; 32 1/2 by 36 inches
My paintings are based on experiences, images and ideas from the environment. I want to construct a free, lively, exotic, colourful, enchanting and decorative world with floating forms from the most surreal and spiritual to the most prosaic, sublime and bizarre. Celestial and cosmic elements, tribal communities, ancient mythology, symbols, artefacts, rituals,  cave drawings and monumental works of civilizations forgotten, lost or recorded in the history books are sources of inspiration.

At the Botanic Garden

Acrylics – At the Botanic Garden -10″x14″
Egyptian by birth but universal in heart, I am never without a sketchbook in hand, drawing moments that catch my eye.  Some of my sketches develop into images with more depth and details, while others remain simply a record of personal experience.

Calm Reflection

Calm Reflection, Acrylic, 27″ x 20″
My Art is my sweet escape from a very troubled world. It is my heaven, my sanctuary; it is the place I go where my lines don’t need to be straight or my colours need to match. It is my world where perfection is frowned upon, and where the imperfection of personality makes perfect sense. It is that place where if I stay long enough, I will be lost so that I can finally be found and set free. It is my world, my world. And now I share my world with you.