• In 2000 WIA launched its first book, which featured the work of 36 local women artists, the first of its kind.
  • Guardian General Ltd. selected the paintings of two fellow artists for its 2003 Calendar. They are Ms. Alison Wells and Mrs. Fraulein Rudder.
  • Colonial Life Insurance Ltd. (CLICO) also selected a printing of fellow artists, Ann Stapleton, for its 2003 calendar.
  • The Women in Art Organisation with its founder and president, Fraulein Rudder, as the curator, assisted in launching the Top of the Mount Art Gallery. The women’s art works filled the gallery to welcome the Miss Universe deligates of 1999 to their first official function at Mount Saint Benedict.
Wendy Fitzwilliam cutting the ribbon at Women in Art exhibition.
Women in Art requested by Kapok Hotel to hold an exhibition at Bois Cano.








  • AnĀ invitation from Mrs. Diane Chen, manager of Kapok Hotel, for members to show their work at the Bois Cano LoungeĀ over a period of four years respectively.
  • A charitable request from Diana Mahabir Wyatt of the Coalition Against Domestic Violence, for paintings depicting “A Happy Family” to be displayed on the walls of their newly acquired building on Robinson Ville, Belmont. Members responded generously. There are nine paintings donated by nine artists from the Women in Art Organisation adorning the walls of the building. These were;
  • Carol Lewis
  • Cynthia Ellis
  • Michelle Tappin
  • Ann Stapleton
  • Anashia Ali
  • Roslyn Haynes
  • Fraulein Rudder
  • Krimhilde Johnson
  • Shakuntala Mohammed
  • Two fellow artists were selected during the Women in Art Organisation’s Annual Exhibition to show jointly the following year; An offortunity for those who had never shown solo before. These were Alison Wells and Nicole Miles, and also Charmaine Kelly and Ann Stapleton.
  • Invitation to international exhibitions, with individual artists representing the organisation at times;

Hettie De Gannes – China

Lisa O’Connor – London

Fraulein Rudder – St. Kitts / Nevis and London

  • Three members were honoured by the Ministry of Community Development, Culture and Gender Affairs for their contribution to culture.International Year of the Woman, 2005

Hettie De Gannes – sculpture

Cynthia Douglas – business / sculpture

Fraulein Rudder – contribution to art and culture